I love it when people get into Sherlock and they’re like THE FUCKING CLIFFHANGER THE POOL WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN

And the rest of the fandom are just likeĀ 

"It’s okay sweetheart, welcome, you’ll learn to deal with the pool scene over months just like we have and you may end up watching it again and again and again and again, just to warn you we are the most heterosexual fandom you will ever meet. NOW LOOK THERE’S A FIC ABOUT SOME MUGS AND A FIC WHERE THEY’RE ALL LOBSTERS BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE ARE LEFT WITHOUT ANOTHER SERIES FOR SO LONG. Now welcome to the Sherlock fandom enjoy your stay."

I just love this fandom.

So, any new Sherlock fans reading this? WELCOME TO THE FANDOM.

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    The TSN fandom is also incredibly heterosexual, so I’m used to that. As a new Sherlock fan, can someone give me a link...
  8. alwaysthewoman said: I feel deprived because I don’t think I’ve read the lobster one.
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